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Gail federici,
Founder & CEO

our story

Federici Brands (Federici Brands LLC, US and Federici Brands LTD, UK) are privately-held companies known for disruptive innovation in the beauty industry. Customer-obsessed, renegade thinkers, we are committed to creating the highest quality products to address real, unmet consumer needs.

Our CEO, Gail Federici (former business partner of renowned British hair stylist, John Frieda and CEO of John Frieda Professional Haircare Inc) forever changed the way hair care products were marketed and merchandised by creating the first complete “prescriptive” ranges to address problems unique to frizzy and blonde hair types.

Now our team of seasoned experts has solved the hair care problem of the decade: how to keep color-treated hair looking “wow!” everyday. Color Wow is the first brand to address every problem associated with color-treated hair, from roots to ravaged texture... and deliver the hair of your dreams.

Our category-shattering Time Bomb skin care formulas… high-powered fuels, bombs, cocktails… remedy skin issues and rev skin’s natural capacity to “stop the clock”.

Then, now, and always our mission is to create products to solve the problems that are plaguing our consumers. Our motivation and innovation stems from real needs. At the core of our corporate mission is a simple truth: necessity is the mother of invention.

our story
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Color Wow addresses every color-treated hair issue. Finally, from roots to ravaged texture, these game-changing formulas keep your color wow and give you the hair of your dreams! Winner of an unprecedented 75 major beauty awards!

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Time Bomb skin care has 1 mission: to stop the clock. Our method is radically simple: serious, problem-solving formulas that do more so you can do less. Breakthrough, skin-optimizing formulas... high potency innovations and beauty firsts developed to undo the visible effects of modern skin saboteurs: natural aging, toxic exposures, and lifestyle stresses... to empower skin to do what it can no longer do for itself.



HAIRraising is a one day cut-a-thon, with hundreds of salons participating, to raise money for Boston Children's Hospital and it's new state-of-the-art Heart Center.

Now in it's tenth year, HAIRraising has raised over $1,000,000 thanks to the big-hearted salons who selflessly give their time to give hope.



195 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT
Davenport Building, 3rd Floor

P: 203.762.7667

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